Client Love

creating Ripples...

When we live as our best selves it ripples out to the world around us.  It’s inevitable, unavoidable, and profoundly beautiful.

It is an honor and a privilege to live my purpose in this way. And, I am filled with deep gratitude and joy as I witness my clients transforming their lives. Creating greater balance, supportive habits, deeper connection to self, enriching relationships, and vibrant health.

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.
— Mother Teresa


Serendipity brought Alyssa and I together — first a mutual friend, then discovering shared values, exchanging of passions and ideas, even professional collaborations.  It was at the conclusion of a work project that I realized I wanted to share more deeply with Alyssa. I’d come to know her as clear, honest and genuine but most of all wise. I was excited to enlist Alyssa’s services as I had been seeking some support in stepping more fully into my purpose, healing old relationship patterns, and reframing some sticky “long held beliefs” that kept me spinning my wheels. Alyssa was exactly the witness I needed to hold space while I explored, processed, gained clarity, and integrated new changes. During our months together I came to trust myself and her as she so graciously became my “soul scribe.” She has a beautiful capacity for listening and mirroring back, both through spoken and written word, what I wasn’t able to see clearly in myself. Her way of reflecting is so compassionate I found myself receiving new awareness, not with self-judgment, but with compassion. At the end of our time together I was amazed by all that had shifted! The greatest of which was healing and deepening some family relationships, greater confidence in speaking my truth in new ways, renewed awareness of the abundance in my life, and resting more comfortably in being truly me. I came to know myself, the person I’ve always been but felt separated from. I’m forever grateful for this expansive chapter in my life with Alyssa.

~ Sharon Belknap; Sharon Belknap Designs/Tidbits of Love; Cardiff by the Sea, CA


I chose to work with Alyssa because she is one of the best listeners I know.  And I needed someone that truly listens in a way that feels genuine and  real.   At the time I started working with Alyssa I was in transition from a corporate job to more meaningful work that aligned with my passions and the kind of lifestyle I desired to live.  I felt unsure, stuck, and a bit adrift.  I needed someone who could help me navigate this new territory and see past the stories I was telling myself about how it should look and how fast it should change.   Alyssa helped me identify the root cause of my suffering and the ways in which I wasn’t allowing myself the time and space to reintegrate into life of more health, freedom and balance.   Alyssa is passionate about living a life that is healthy and whole, not just in one area of your life, but in several areas.  Her guidance is practical yet powerful.  The exercises Alyssa gave me helped me set boundaries with others in both my personal and professional life.  She held me accountable and inspired me to progress.  I now feel better equipped to make decisions that support a greater work-life balance.  I feel less stress around what I should or shouldn’t be doing.

 I highly recommend Alyssa Clare as a wellness mentor!

~Jamie Healy, RYT, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Reiki Practitioner  


I lost who I was through years of outside influences, perceptions my role/identity as a wife and a full time, stay at home mother. I became what and who everyone wanted me to be. And I did it well according to those I served, however, I was not happy which lead to bad habits, depression, divorce, self sabatoging and relationship struggles. I tried medication and traditional therapy. It didn't work for me. It was the program that I went through with Alyssa that changed my life. She helped me to take the risk of facing my fears of who I really was and what I wanted in my life. What if I didn't like who I was? Through her unconditional support and love, she challenged me to find my authentic self. To accept and identify the best about me. Not only did she do this through readings, intimate conversations, breathing, inner reflections, journaling and other resources, but she gave me so much face to face and outside support. I felt like she was a text, email or phone call away and never did I feel I had to do this journey alone. I sit here today and have to say that I do not even recognize the woman I was before. I feel sad for her that she endured so much pain and self hate/ low self worth for so many years. It didn't need to be that way. I am forever grateful to Alyssa for her support, love, and giving me the tools to continue my journey and experience of self love. We should ALL be able to love on ourselves and our unique qualities. I am no longer on medication for depression or anxiety and haven't been. Life is good and even with challenges - I have the abillity and tools to manage in a way that I never did. What a difference my time with Alyssa made. And I found out that I am a pretty awesome person! Thank you Alyssa!

~ Stacy Orosz, Oregon, WI


I have known Alyssa for many years.  She is a valued member of our operating room team, providing expert anesthesia care to my patients.  I have been working in operating rooms for over thirty years, but have never observed a more dedicated, competent, and caring anesthesia provider.  There is no question in my mind that she has, and continues to improve the safety and care of all my patients.  I have no doubt that this same  attitude and level  of caring is delivered to all the clients of Alyssa Clare. 

~ Tom Bartell, MD, Madison, WI

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Alyssa's knowledge, skills, and abilities as a wellness mentor are nothing short of amazing! I have been the beneficiary of her wellness coaching over the past 2 years, and I can testify that my overall health has improved in all ways. I was taking 4 medications, had high BP, lots of stress, and trouble sleeping, among other things. With Alyssa's help, I am off all medications, have my BP under control, reduced stress, better food and beverage habits, and overall feel much better on a daily basis. She is a miracle worker!

~ Dean Fraser, Madison, WI


When I started the program with Alyssa my intention was to continue on my journey of achieving mental, emotional and physical health and wellness.  Alyssa helped me get further on this path by providing support, tools and feedback on my goals and progress.  She was able to maintain an objective and non judgmental stance during this process and continually offered support, suggestions and accountability.  Through my work with her I have been able to accomplish many of the goals I set out to achieve and I have been able to implement numerous tools and habits to aid in those achievements.  As a mentor and a close friend, Alyssa is caring, empathetic, supportive and knowledgeable.  I would recommend her to anyone who is hoping to make a better life for themselves and require a partner on that journey.  

~ Jen Boyer, DeForest, WI


Alyssa Clare is an incredibly effective wellness mentor and I recommend her if you are seeking to succeed at increasing the joy and satisfaction in your life. Her passion and commitment toward enhancing the lives of others through a holistic approach is immediately apparent upon meeting with her during the first session. She is knowledgeable, resourceful, intuitive, insightful, patient, driven, and deeply caring. It helps that she lives what she teaches so a lot of her insight comes from her own personal experience of success. My main goals in working with Alyssa was to strengthen my relationship with myself, improve my life balance, and to become more informed about food to increase my nutritional intake. Together we created an effective approach to accomplish each goal and through consistency and encouragement my new routines have created a successful outcome. My mind, body and soul feel more rejuvenated than it has in a while. Treat yourself to mentoring sessions with Alyssa, everyone deserves to feel this good!

~ Amy Moore, Madison, WI  

I have had the pleasure of working with Alyssa as an accountability partner over the past 5 months. She has played an instrumental role in my development as a health coach. Her ability to listen closely without judgement, provide empathy and reflect back the key points of our conversation has allowed me to take a closer look at the big picture and identify roadblocks. Alyssa uses her intuition to ask powerful questions that have guided me to make profound emotional connections. She has always provided a safe, supportive environment and I appreciate her calm, compassionate and confident manner in which she has conducted our sessions.

Her timely words of encouragement and accountability check-ins have helped me stay on track and allowed me to reach goals. I can confidently say working with Alyssa will greatly benefit ones healing journey.

~ Stephanie Malsed, Family Health and Nutrition Coach