Change happens in community.

Stretching your comfort zone, growing, evolving, and digging deep happens in communion with others. Although you may very well be an intelligent, educated, self sufficient soul, deep self reflection and change requires support and an outside observer.

Not someone to do the work and give you the answers, but someone to hold a mirror, shine a flashlight, and remind you you’re not alone.

That's where I come in.

When “I” is replaced with “We”, even Illness becomes Wellness.
— Malcolm X
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My signature program is called ACT for Wellbeing


Mindful ACTion is essential for transformation and is my personal model for growth and evolution. This philosophy is woven throughout my services and will be the method by which you achieve what you desire.



Have you been taking care of everyone else and now feel unfulfilled and burned out?

Are you experiencing a major life transition (such as a job change or divorce) and long for a supportive partner in navigating all that’s changing?

Are you desiring a deeper more meaningful connection to yourself and others?

Are your relationships feeling confusing and dissatisfying?

Do you know you want something more in life and are feeling ready to make changes, create new habits, and let go of what isn't serving you?

Change can be as scary and challenging as it is exciting and empowering!

Together we can navigate all that's working and all that isn't.

*Please Note: Enrollment in Private Mentoring is currently closed. Please contact me directly to inquire further and discuss your needs.


STEP 1: Schedule a FREE Meet & Greet

This 30 minute session is done by phone. We will:

  • explore what's going well, what isn't, and what's getting in your way.

  • become acquainted and I will answer any questions you have about partnering together.

I am invested in and mindful of my client relationships, for your benefit and mine. If at the end of our time together we both feel the partnership is a good fit, you will have the opportunity to commit to creating a life you love.

If after this call you decide private mentoring feels right for you, move on to Step 2.

STEP 2: choose the package option that serves you best

  • See below for package descriptions

  • Connect with me to share which package you prefer and I will walk you through the rest

  • Kudos to your courage in making this commitment to yourself!




Begin small changes, address one concern, or jump-start inspiration.

Commitment: 3 months

Sessions per month:
2 x 50 minute sessions

Investment: $290 per month



Lasting changes integrate with consistency over an extended period of time. Make deeper changes and address multiple concerns.

Commitment: 6 months

Sessions per month:
2 x 50 minute sessions

Investment: $280 per month


ACT for Wellbeing

My Signature Program. A beautiful commitment to creating the lasting change YOU wish to experience in life!

Commitment: 12 months

Sessions per month:
2 x 50 minute sessions

Investment: $270 per month



For previous clients only. Ongoing support to suit your needs.

Commitment: 3-9 months

Sessions per month :
1 x 50 minute session

Investment: $140 per month


  • 50 min (unless otherwise specified) confidential private sessions

  • Sessions are conducted virtually via my Zoom video meeting room

  • You will take notes during sessions around what feels most pertinent to you for greater impact

  • Any additional educational & supportive resources will be individualized to your needs

  • You will feel heard, supported, inspired & empowered to create change around your goals.

  • Actions steps will be co-created for you to implement between sessions

  • Email support is available between sessions


STEP 3: Pay for your Package

  • An invoice will be sent after your package selection

STEP 4: complete required forms

  • Forms will be sent via email after payment is received, please complete promptly

Step 5: Schedule your Initial Intake Session

  • A link for scheduling will be sent after payment is received

  • This first session of your package is an expanded 90-minute exploration and review of your life experience  

  • Forms must be submitted a minimum of 48 hours prior to our appointment

STEP 6: Schedule your Remaining Follow Up Sessions

STEP 7: Prioritize this time and commitment for yourself to create the change you desire!

**5% of all payments collected for my services will be donated to a non-profit organization. See Social Giving page for details**

I am noticing my ability to articulate from a place of self-awareness and efficacy rather than from a desire to please.
— Things My Clients Say


Not sure if working together is right for you?

I believe that small shifts over time is the way to sustainable change. There are no quick fixes and no fad programs in my practice. I truly believe that "Slow and Steady Wins the Race."

Partnering with me is right for you if you seek:

  • Inspiration

  • Information

  • Resources

  • Active listening

  • Support, guidance, and encouragement in your process

  • Celebration of your successes

  • Honesty & Authenticity

  • Genuine curiosity and sometimes, tough love

  • Non-judgement & Compassion

  • A safe space to be you

  • Permission to explore

  • Accountability

  • Sustainable change versus quick fixes

Partnering with me at this time might not be right for you if you:

  • Need validation of excuses in choosing behaviors that don’t support your goals

  • Are looking for quick fixes or support in the latest diet fad

  • Desire permission to stay stuck on auto-pilot

  • Want me to mirror back what you want to hear versus what you are actually saying

  • Want a done-for-you road map…all individuals are unique and this is a collaborative process

  • Are seeking Psychotherapy, Medical care, Legal or Financial advice

  • Need guarantees: ultimately the work is up to you (But I can assure you that if you do the work, you will experience the results!)

  • Have resistance around exploring tough questions or trying on new ways of living (some mild resistance is normal...change can feel scary...but should also feel hopeful and exciting)

  • Expect me to be a model of perfection…I am on my own journey in life and will never pretend to have it all together

Need some clarification or have a question?