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With Gratitude!


Thank you for your interest in
“Madison Market Resources”!  

I hope you find it to be valuable and inspiring.

Download instructions:

  1. Click “Download the Guide”

  2. The guide will open in a new window. Bookmark the page or download the pdf to your favorite device for easy referencing.

  3. Read it, use it, and share what you learn!

Connecting with people is something that lights me up, so please reach out if you:

  • have any questions or clarifications.

  • want to share any of your own tips that aren’t listed in the guide. With your permission I’ll share them on my Instagram page!

  • want to share how this guide inspired any shifts or changes in our life.

  • want to know my personal go-to farmers/vendors.

  • would like to share your personal favorite farmers/vendors, I always love new introductions!

My humble request as you consider sharing the guide with others:

A lot of time, effort, and love was invested in the creation of this guide.  If you think it’s fabulous and know others will too, I’d be most grateful for you to direct them to my website so they can download it for themselves.