Upcoming Workshop

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Empowered Relationships

$40 ($30 for Tantra Members)

Sunday, Sept. 9th
2 - 4pm

@ TANTRA Wellness & Yoga
402 E. Wilson St, Madison WI 


Of the many aspects in life that impact our health and sense of well-being, it is relationships that I find to carry the most weight. For me, relationships have always been a not-so-easy balancing act, especially love relationships. In navigating my own divorce, recreating my life, and learning how to love again, I had to find a new way. What I learned lifted the veil of cultural conditioning that kept me stuck, spinning my wheels, and unsatisfied for years.

During our time together I will share my story and together we will explore 5 commonly held myths that create dysfunction and dissatisfaction in our relationships. I will share perspectives and tools for re-framing more effective beliefs. This workshop will be approached from the perspective of love relationships, but the concepts covered apply equally to relationships with friends, family, coworkers, and more. It is my intention that you move forward as I have, feeling empowered to create relationships with greater awareness, authenticity, and vitality.