Who Am I?

In 2015 I took a Self Esteem Class with my relationship guru, Margaret Lambert.  Our very first assignment was to put a photo of ourselves as a child in the front of a new journal and to write a passage entitled "Who Am I?" Below is what emerged from me as I sat down to write.  

I invite you to pull out a journal, get quiet, breathe, ask yourself the same question, and begin to write.  You might be amazed at what your inner little self has to say.  

With Love,

Alyssa Clare


Who Am I?

On the surface I am the masks that I wear; the persona of what my experiences, conditions, interactions, and ego have created. 

I am the projection of others’ reality, expectations, and their ideas of who they want me to be and who they think I should be.

I am an anesthesia care provider. 

I am self employed.

I am divorced.

I am single.

I am a woman.

I am caucasian from a blend of European heritage.

I am 45 years old.

I am a resident of my city, state, and country.

I am a city apartment dweller.

I am a friend, co-worker, colleague, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, niece, ex-friend, ex-lover, and ex-wife. 

I am a learner, seeker, teacher, analyzer, traveler, dancer, gardener, animal lover, bird watcher, antique enthusiast, photographer, art hobbyist, Spanish speaker, movie & theater goer, yoga & meditation practitioner, food lover, preparer, and advocate.

I am mindful, confident, intelligent, friendly, outgoing, playful, courageous, inspiring, well organized, and competent.  

I am co-dependent, addicted, biased, judgmental, fearful, lonely, insecure, intense, anxious, particular, controlling, obsessive, and a mood disorder sufferer.

I am all of this, and none of this. 

For truly who I am is who I believe we all are. 

I am a manifestation of the Divine. 

I am the soul that has taken up residence in this body temple as it  journeys through this lifetime.

I am the essence of pure love, joy, compassion, beauty, and acceptance  that will endure long after this body has ceased existing.

I am a link in the chain of energy that connects us all.  

        ~ Alyssa Tesar  July, 2015