What's Your Reason for the Season?


A number of years ago I realized how important it was for me to really feel into what the Holiday Season means and how I wanted to experience it. It seems Thanksgiving is now rolled right into the December holidays and there is no space for settling in to enjoy the restorative energy that winter brings.

Traditional obligations and expectations from the outside world had me feeling stressed and worn out. Not to mention breaking my budget, creating loads of trash, and contributing to consumerism and accumulation in a way that didn’t at all feel good. Perhaps that sounds a little too “Scrooge"-like for you, but I had gained a new perspective on how precious my energy and time are, and I didn't want to do it that way anymore. It wasn't easy but I gave myself permission to find my own meaning, keep my sanity, create my own rules, and return to joy. 

Yes, that meant saying “no” to sending holiday cards and working through the guilt that ensued – but I mightily survived!

Life can still feel hectic this time of year and I still choose to play by some of the rules that belong to others, but creating compromise is the goal. It’s an evolution and a process. Each year I feel more and more grounded. Getting more mindful about what it all means feels more relaxed, enjoyable, and richer. And did you notice the word "choose"

Choosing rather than acting out of obligation is a game changer. It’s the key to personal empowerment.

I'm offering this invitation to you. You have permission to ask the questions, explore, and adjust. What does this season really mean to you?

  • How do you want it to feel?

  • What's keeping you from re-writing your beliefs about what is and isn't okay for you with family, friends, and even with yourself?

You have the power to choose your own narrative, even if you think you don't. And notice that little voice that rises and says “Well I have to x,y,z.” The “I HAVE TO” is a clear indicator that you’re giving someone else the power to write your story.

Choose the things that bring you joy, and do more of them.

Say "no thank you" to the things that don't.


Create new traditions that better serve you or support changes you’ve made in your life.

Your time, energy, and resources are precious so be sure you're spending them mindfully and in a way that serves your highest good.

Full disclosure: making these types of changes can “upset the apple cart” with others. It’s the natural result of boundary setting and it takes some practice and support.

If you want some help navigating conversations, releasing “guilt”, or getting really clear with yourself about what serves you – I’m just a quick connection away and would love to talk it through with you.  

And here’s a quick tip about “guilt” – no one can make you feel guilty without your permission. Try that on for size.

Be good to yourselves and one another!

With Love & Blessings