Start Here...An Open Heart Letter

Dearest Seeking Soul,

In this world of instant gratification, addiction to "busy", and pseudo-connections it's been hard for me to find a way to concisely share my story in a 30 second virtual snippet. So instead, I'll share pieces of myself through my writings. Where I've been, what I've learned, what lights me up, and what I feel moved to share. You will get to know me better through the entries here in my "web-log". 

I hope something inspires, comforts, educates, or connects.   

My desire for my new business is to create RELATIONSHIPS and COMMUNITY. A place for heart centered folks seeking a holistic approach to their own version of health and balance, to come feel inspired, learn something new, share experiences, make new connections, feel supported, and have some fun. 

I always marvel at the magic of how our connections to others ripple through our lives. There has been so much synchronicity as I've moved through this whole process. It's really amazing what can happen when we release control and surrender to what is possible. To trust our intuition and our Source. Something I know to be true, and something I have to continuously remind myself of.  I spent a long time living from a place of control and fear.  New habits and new beliefs take time to change, but the effort and patience is worth every ounce of the magic! 

On paper it seems like it took me a long time to get here, and yet I know it all happened just as it was meant to. Without all of my life experiences, I wouldn't be who I am and I wouldn't be nearly as well equipped to share my gifts.  

Self Awareness, Self Acceptance, and Mindfulness have been my keys to an improved sense of life harmony and ease.  Because of the work I've done in my own life, I now look forward to my continued personal evolution with greater confidence, acceptance, and compassion. And I'm ready to share in a way that supports others in doing the same. So much of our life experience is about choices. And only YOU have the power to make those choices for yourself.

As I’m stepping into all that is new and evolving in my personal and professional life I’m giving myself permission to play, try things on for size, and create space for learning and growth. In time my language will get more focused and I’ll better be able to speak to the people I am most meant to serve.  In the meantime I am putting my new path into practice and loving my amazing clients and the changes they are making in their lives. 

I would be honored for you to stick around and join me on this journey. Please share my page and information if you feel so inspired. And if you know someone specifically who might benefit from my services, I'd love for you to send them my way.  I'm grateful for your presence.

Welcome to my tribe!!

With Deep Love and Light,  

Alyssa Clare

No one saves us but ourselves.
— Buddha